Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beautiful photos from National Geographic – II

11. By Brian Skerry
national geography 11
Soft corals, also known as sea pens, and blue cod in the shallow waters of New Zealand’s Reserve Long Sound. If you touch the soft coral, it will emit a green light and contract.
12. By June Jacobsen
national geography 12
A beautiful day for a walk on the arctic tundra. It seems that the mountain on Svalbard create their own e climate, or at least influence the formation of clouds.
13. By Robinson McClellan
national geography 13
Celebration of “Manhattan Solstice” – when the series of streets are in line with the setting sun. On this day, the island turns into a such…as if created for the worship of the sun.
14. By Joel Sartore
national geography 14
Lion in a tree in the Ugandan National Park, Queen Elizabeth.
15. By Catalin Marin
national geography 15
Every year in October, Dubai tightened fog due to high humidity and lower temperatures. In combination with a large number of high-rise buildings, it provides excellent opportunities for photography.
16. By Brian Skerry
national geography 16
Translucent shrimp on anemones, reef Kingmena, 2007.
17. By Paul Nicklen
national geography 17
Polar bear – Young males are fighting in the Svalbard Islands in the light of the low winter sun. Polar bears thrive here – about half of the 3,000 polar bears in the Barents Sea have been here.
18. By Anthony Crehan
national geography 18
The view from the helicopter of the field of tulips in The Table Cape, the north-west coast of Tasmania on left of the field can be seen by visitors who came to the open day on the farm.
19. By Stefano Unterthiner
national geography 20
After a downpour langurs hide from the streams of water. Thar Desert is generally very hot and a little moisture, and langurs – the only primates other than humans living in this tough climate.

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