Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beautiful photos from National Geographic – I

The Best Photos from National Geographic
1. By Erika Larsen
national geography 1
Sami herders follow the migration of reindeer, as they move along the northern part of Scandinavia and Russia with winter pastures in the colder area in the summer.
2. By Vanessa Neufeld
national geography 2
Chasing the storm in pensions, Saskatchewan.
3. By Steve Winter
national geography 4
Tiger looks into the camera, which turned and stepped on the rope during a morning of hunting in Sumatra, Indonesia. Tigers live in different climatic conditions from coldHimalayas to the mangrove forests of India and Bangladesh.
5. By Michael Melford
national geography 5
Canoeing on the River moonlight Allagash in Maine.
6. By Romain Chassagne
national geography 6
The bed of the river in Iceland. On the road is a jeep to make it easier to provide scale. And, of course, is easy to imagine the power of this stream in the spring.
6. By Jordon Esler
national geography 3
The pair, who met last winter at the Greenwich Naval Hospital. Right – the River Thames.
7. By Jim Richardson
national geography 7
Deer in the park Knol, Kent, looking at the rest of the world with the majesty that they inherited from the time of King James.
8. By Eugenijus Rauduve
national geography 8

Not far from home.
9. By Erika Larsen
national geography 9
The conical tent “Lavut” gives shelter to shepherds Sami nomadic reindeer with Niels Peter Gaup, sleeping in a tent, feels at home only in the mountains.He says: “For you they are the spirit of the Sami.”
10. Michael Melford
national geography 10
Salmon River at Challis National Park, Idaho.

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